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Struggling to get leads from social media? Bexon helps you attract, nurture, and convert followers into paying customers.

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Who is Bexon for your social media marketing partner?

We’re your social media catalyst, merging strategy and creativity to elevate your online presence, fueling brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

You're overwhelmed trying to manage your SM presence

Juggling social media for your business is just one task among a thousand others. Let Bexon take the reins and turn your social media into a powerhouse.

Your budget can't fit an in-house social media team

Internal social media teams are a luxury. If you had the budget, you would have built one already. Discover how Bexon offers cost-effective solutions to elevate your online presence.

Struggling to find top-notch freelance SM managers

Exceptional freelance social media managers are a rare find, and compromising on quality isn’t an option. Bexon delivers premium services without the hefty price tag.

Mastering social media algorithms isn't your forte

Mastery of social media algorithms is time-consuming. Without expertise, your social media efforts might not yield the desired results. Bexon steps in to save you time and elevate your strategy.

Doubting if AI provides your brand's deserving quality

AI can’t match the quality you need; relying on it might be worse than your 14th best outsourced writer. Choose Bexon for the human touch and precision your brand demands.

Need urgent, top-tier social media content

Outshine your competition with Bexon’s rapid delivery of top-notch social media content. Build your content fortress before your competitors create an impenetrable online presence.

Double Your Leads, Triple Your Growth, Unlock Explosive Results with Bexon

We’re more than just a social media agency; we’re your growth partners. We don’t just manage your social media; we transform it into a potent force that drives

Explosive Brand Awareness, Skyrocketing Engagement, Exponential Conversions, Measurable Results.

Manage with Notion, Handy collaboration

We leverage Notion’s powerful project management features to keep your strategy organized, campaigns on track, and content calendar up-to-date.

We track key metrics and analyze performance to ensure your social media efforts are achieving your goals.

Creativity, Innovation, Client Success — Fueling Exceptional Social Media Solutions.

Bring your brand to life online with a bespoke website that boosts engagement and brings a return on creativity.

How does social media marketing work?
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Ready to Take Action? Here's Your 5 Simple Steps to Social Media Success

1. Subscribe

Get started with our simple onboarding process in just minutes! Choose your plan, answer a few questions, and let’s get to work.

2. Craft Your Strategy

We’ll identify your target audience, analyze your competition, and create a plan to achieve your objectives.

3. Content Creation

Stand out from the crowd with high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience.

4. Launch & Schedule

We’ll seamlessly launch your social media management across all major platforms, Pre-approved  and schedule your content for optimal reach and engagement

5. Track & Analyze

We’ll monitor your progress, measure your results, and make adjustments as needed to ensure your success.

“Before partnering with Taher and Bexon, my creative venture felt lost in the social media wilderness. I had the ideas, the passion, but translating that into an engaged online community seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. Then, Taher appeared, not as a guide, but as a social media alchemist, transforming my scattered pixels into a thriving digital landscape.”

Javi Osei

Creative Entrepreneur

Choosing the Best

Navigate your options: freelancers, agencies, Bexon. Choose wisely for social media success.


Other Agencies

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“Bexon’s tailored social media strategy helped me stand out online. Website traffic and client inquiries are soaring! They’re passionate pros.”

Omogbai S. Ali

Mindfulness Coach

Get the Results You Want with Our Expert Social Media Services

We’ll help you create a strategy that’s right for your business and then execute it flawlessly.

Content Creation & Strategy
Community Management & Growth
Performance Optimization & Measurement
Lead Generation & Nurturing

Customer Stories

Our satisfied clients share the impact of our tailored social media solutions.

Great service, great stories!

With Bexon’s help, I managed to grow my Instagram following by 50% in just 3 months. They crafted amazing content that resonated with my audience and helped me build a loyal community.

Abdul Rahman Turkman

Content Creator, Zaada


Simply the best

I needed help creating engaging LinkedIn content to attract potential clients.Taher took the time to understand my business and audience, and they delivered exceptional results.

Turner Sparks

Standup Comedian


Great service, great stories!

With Bexon’s help, I managed to grow my Instagram following by 50% in just 3 months. They crafted amazing content that resonated with my audience and helped me build a loyal community.

Aleksandar Tomic

Mortgage Broker, 964


An amazing service!

I can’t recommend Taher and the Bexon team highly enough for their exceptional social media marketing services. As the founder of TCD, I was seeking a strategic and results-driven approach to elevate our online presence, and Bexon delivered beyond expectations

Chaz Burton

Founder, TCD


A game changer for us

Collaborating with Tahar has brought a level of assistance to our content management needs for our startup. While there’s room for improvement, their support has been beneficial, and we appreciate their ongoing commitment to refining and enhancing our processes.

Jay Mon

Founder, City Swapp


Great service, great stories!

With Bexon’s help, I managed to grow my Instagram following by 50% in just 3 months. They crafted amazing content that resonated with my audience and helped me build a loyal community.

Joel Kidhook

Recording Engineer


Simple & Transparent Social Media Marketing Pricing

Stop guessing how much social media marketing costs! Our transparent pricing plans make it easy to find the perfect fit for your budget and goals.

Bronze Package

Perfect for startups and small businesses



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What’s included:

Silver Package

Ideal for established businesses with growing followings



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What’s included:

Gold Package

The ultimate solution for enterprise-level brands



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What’s included:


Cold Email Marketing

Enhance your outreach swiftly with Cold Email Marketing. subscription required for faster results.


Custom Plan

Exclusive Enterprise Plan

for comprehensive social media solutions!

Bexon's FAQ Guide

Confused about SMM? We got you! Bexon’s FAQ answers your burning questions on platforms, costs, results, and more. Start confidently!

You can contact Bexon for a free consultation to discuss your social media marketing needs. We will then work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your budget and goals.

To get started, you will need to provide Bexon with some information about your business, your target audience, and your social media marketing goals.

The amount of time it takes to see results from social media marketing will vary depending on your goals and your industry. However, you can typically start to see results within a few months.

Bexon will provide you with reports that track your social media marketing results, such as engagement, reach, and website traffic.

Social media marketing can help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, connect with potential customers, and drive sales. It can also help you build relationships with your customers and community, and get valuable feedback about your products or services.

Bexon can help you develop a social media marketing strategy, create and manage your social media profiles, create engaging content, run social media ads, and track your results. We can also help you train your team on how to use social media effectively.

The cost of social media marketing can vary depending on your needs and goals. However, Bexon offers a variety of packages to fit any budget